Burner Retrofit in sugar industry

Burner Retrofit in sugar industry

Thermeq Preferred supplier for multiple boiler and burner retrofit project

The customer

Suiker Unie develops, produces and markets dry and liquid sugar and sugar specialties. Her factories for the production of sugar in the Netherlands and Germany are among the most modern in the world. The head office is located in Dinteloord.

Suiker Unie forms part of Royal Cosun. Royal Cosun is a cooperative of approximately 10,000 sugar beet growers. The group has an annual turnover of approximately EUR 1.8 billion and has more than 4,000 employees.

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The challenge

Quite a challenging job: retrofitting four boilers at different Suiker Unie locations in the Netherlands to meet the new EU emission regulations. All within a strict time schedule to be ready for upcoming sugar beet campaigns.

Stork’s solution

A turnkey approach for a complete revamp of the four boilers, including design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of all equipment involved.

The revamp for 3 of 4 boilers have now been executed. As a result the emission measurements and ease of operation are satisfying the Suiker Unie management as well as the operators at this sugar processing company. Stork Thermeq achieved NOx-emissions values well below the targeted 70mg/Nm3.

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Why Stork Thermeq?

Mr. Alfons Even, Technical Purchaser at Suiker Unie Vierverlaten, explains: “The most important reason for cooperating with Stork Thermeq is the turnkey-approach as single source of contact. Moreover Stork Thermeq showed – in several meetings – to be a trustful partner in its targeting strategy to meet the performance parameters including the required guarantees”.

Suiker Unie selected Stork Thermeq to execute this crucial retrofit project because of

  • the turnkey-approach; Stork takes complete responsibility for design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of the equipment.
  • the detailed knowledge of the plants, boilers and burners involved – leading to a trustful relationship;
  • Stork’s commitment to achieve the targeted NOX-emission values and exceed the customer’s expectations.

Burner Retrofit Sugar Industry 3


The first 3 boilers have been in operation during the first sugar beet campaign, convincing the customer that this investment has given a boost on overall performance and reliability of the sugar processing plant.