Delivery of spares article

Delivery of spares article

“Your investments in spares just fade away …

when they are out-of-stock in case of unplanned outages!”

This is the opinion of Mr. Dinant Rohaan, Stork Thermeq’s point of contact for spares. Mr. Rohaan is experienced in the power sector in general and within Stork Thermeq especially. In his career he has faced the critical impact of spares during customer visits.

TherMail asked Mr. Rohaan some questions about his position as ‘meeting-point for spares’.

What is the main objective of your activities?

With spares we are just serving our customers. The key issue is asset – availability! 

burner spare parts

For which Product Lines are you working?

The spares primarily focus on the Stork Thermeq OEM-products deaerators (including the sprayers) and burner systems as well as burner retrofit projects.

Do you have spares on stock?

Yes, of course we have. For example the gasket sets and different types of sprayers for our deaerators. With a rather massive OEM-production volume, we always have sprayers on-stock.

What are the costs?

If you compare the costs of the spares against the costs of an unplanned outage, the costs of a 1 day stop is approx. € 50,000.= (depending on the size of the installation).

Are there any new developments within Stork Thermeq concerning spares?

We are focusing on ‘Preventive Maintenance’. Based on the customer’s maintenance policy, we advise about the Stork Thermeq products and its (key) components e.g. spares. The increase of sensor technology and IoT (Internet of Things) will emphasize these consultancy-services. For example: measuring of wear over a longer period indicates reordering the parts involved. If you are interested in our policy for ‘Preventive Maintenance’, please read the article below.

burner spare parts

Is your job a ‘one man show’ or do you cooperate with specialized colleagues?

We have several in-company specialists; I will mention you two colleagues. For burner systems Mr. Johan Woelders has a track-record in ‘retrieving’ the spare parts within the drawing sets of projects. And Mr. Henny Beumer is serving the spare part supply for deaerators. 

How can customers ask for quoting spares?

That’s quite easy now. Our website has two predefined questionnaires for spare parts. One for deaerators and sprayers and one for burners and retrofits. Just click here < HYPERLINK INVOEREN > to get a first impression.

But customers can also ask for a quotation or order by e-mailing:

And what about technical questions concerning spares?

Please inform me ( with in cc for burners and retrofits and in cc for deaerators and sprayers.

What is most challenging in your job?

That’s absolutely our policy for Preventive Maintenance. By 2020 it is estimate about 20 billion machines, devices and equipment to be connected by internet. The result is an enormous dataset. As Stork Thermeq we will concentrate on data-analysis of thermal equipment as well as peripheral smart maintenance services. Our customer focus is: from preventing standstill we are striving for smooth continuous operation of the plant.