Spray Type Deaerator in China

Spray Type Deaerator in China

Major deaerator milestone in China

In 2001 Stork Thermeq started its initial market research in China. One of the first conclusions was: the growth ambitions of the Chinese government the country would require more electric power, and Stork would be able to support these ambitions. Stork covered a market gap by introducing the well proven Stork deaerator to the Chinese authorities. It was only a few years later that Stork Thermeq delivered its first Stork Spray Type Deaerator as a license product in this new market.

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The ‘license-package’ consists of process- and basic engineering, as well as a performance guarantee. In order to provide this guarantee every deaerator is subject to an inspection. And of course the patented Stork-sprayer will be delivered from the Stork workshop in the Netherlands to the carefully selected Chinese license partners.

Starting sales activities in 2002, Stork has provided a total number of about 1.500 deaerator-licenses packages until today. Many of them are operating in coal fired power plants, e.g. 135 MW, 600 MW and 1.000 MW. The Stork Spray Type Deaerator is also used in nuclear power plants. The Chinese government is focusing especially on nuclear energy production in order to fulfilll the actual power demand.

In total Stork deaerators are supporting power generation in Asia (via China) to a staggering 600 GW! This compares to the installed power of Germany, France, Spain, UK and Italy together.

There are three basic success factors for the Stork Spray Type Deaerator in China:

  • performance – whether it’s a power station with stable operation or a petrochemical plant where high turn down ratio is required: the Stork deaerator will deliver less than 7 ppb;
  • reliable – one can not only rely on the deaerator but also on the Stork employees;
  • references – installed base all over China.

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