powering innovation for maintaining customer progress

powering innovation for maintaining customer progress

Stork Thermeq – powering innovation for maintaining customer progress

Interview with Mr. Tony van Velzen, Senior Vice-President Stork Power Services

What is Stork Thermeq’s greatest strength?
Mr. Van Velzen: “Stork Thermeq’s greatest advantage is the combined knowledge. We are part of Stork Power Services. Therefore we can handle much more power equipment than just boilers and peripheral components. For example, we have considerable expertise in the field of steam and gas turbines. Customers are looking for a total solution instead of a variety of specializations. Based on this policy we cooperate with the leading power stations and energy producers. We are also able to offer integrated solutions for waste processing installations and industrial power plants. These complimentary services and products offer our customers an important advantage. It’s really our competitive edge!”

What are main future developments within Stork Thermeq?
“Our future looks bright because we are providing products and services for both fossil and renewable energy production. With an increasing world population, the power demand will increase as well. Future investments in new installations and overhauls will determine our growth. For example concerning deaerators, we have a unique position as market leader. This position is strengthened by deaerating solutions for a wide variety of installations: from combined cycle power plants to nuclear power plants and CSP-installations (Concentrated Solar Power). On the other hand, the environmental summits in Kyoto and Paris (recently) will set new targets for emission reduction in the power generating business. Our department Burner Retrofits assists customers in achieving full compliance with local emission legislation.”

What are Stork Thermeq’ core values?
Safety, customer responsiveness, quality and our employees are the ‘basic drivers’ of our company. When it comes to replacement and maintenance for example, we make use of every possible solution to meet customer’s requirements. With a strong focus on quality and safety Stork employees strive to set new standards for energy efficiency and emission reduction. Our customers appreciate this and reward us with their loyalty.

You seem to be proud about your employees. Are your people proud of Stork Thermeq too?
“Certainly they are proud. Just look at their enthusiasm for the new Stork Thermeq premises. All of them were involved from the beginning (lay-out of workshop and offices) up to the opening event 12th of June 2015. An internal communication program informed our employees step-by-step. And moreover, as an attractive employer we attract a lot of high potentials. So young talent starting their career at Stork Thermeq!”

Stork Thermeq stands for proven performance. Do you agree with my description of Stork Thermeq as a reputable, solid and reliable company?
“That’s correct but that doesn’t mean rigid. We build on these values with an open mind for future trends by developing new services and technologies. A large R&D-budget is ‘powering our innovation’, because we want to offer our customers new enhanced concepts to maintain their progress’.”

Can you give an example of this?
“Of course. Our combustion engineers assisted an Asian utility in firing thirteen different waste streams in just one burner system. You will understand that mechanical engineering and BMS (Burner Management System) will be critical parameters in this multi-fuel burner project.

And finally, what will be the impact for Stork Thermeq being a member of Fluor in the future?
“Fluor announced that their Operation and Maintenance headquarters will be located in The Netherlands and will operate under the brand name Stork. This decision shows – in my opinion – the strong focus on Stork in general for future developments. Stork Thermeq will be ‘on pole-position’ to achieve advantages for customers driven by Fluor-Stork synergy!”