Why Stork Thermeq?

Why Stork Thermeq?

Why Stork Thermeq?

Asset Integrity Management – The reason for collaborating with Stork Thermeq

Asset Integrity Partnership means: added value through the combination and fine tuning of engineering, production and service.

Stork Thermeq specializes in optimizing boiler installations in order to improve efficiency which is often linked to the reduction of environmental pollution. Energy savings and care for the environment are currently high on  clients’ agendas. The problem associated with this Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is rather complex for large installations. This applies in particular to emission standards which are continuously being tightened. The complexity becomes evident during an upgrade or overhaul whereby more than one objective play a central role. Stork Thermeq offers added value by its combined approach. Engineering, production and service are three pillars within operational management used to provide integral support to you as a client to achieve your objectives.

Asset integrity management

The challenges in the energy and process industry are large:

  • decreasing operational costs
  • maximizing the available operating hours
  • optimizing the efficiency of maintenance
  • decreasing energy consumption
  • reducing the carbon footprint
  • environmental compliance
  • SCIOS burner inspections and maintenance

Moreover, the assets concerned often remain operational for a longer period than initially planned. These developments require smarter solutions which improve efficiency and prolong the lifespan of assets.

Stork Thermeq’s added value with asset integrity management

  • Decrease of the operational costs by improving efficiency and processes
  • Limitations in downtime through integrated repair, modification, condition monitoring and maintenance services
  • Reduction in the investment budget through unique and proven deaerator and burner solutions
  • Reduction in energy consumption by performing essential upgrades and adjustments
  • Improvement in availability by retrofitting burners, tray type deaerators, boilers, condensers and heat exchangers
  • Decrease in (NOx-)emissions of combustion systems by means of retrofit solutions aimed towards the future
  • Integrated solutions for the utilization of residual heat
  • Availability of an in-house R&D-department for the development of customized solutions
  • Shortening of the construction time through in-house development and production of essential parts and installations
  • An in-house NDT department (Non Destructive Testing) for shortening down time
  • Specialised department for energy efficiency and concepts for waste-to-energy and waste-to-product

Turnkey formula

Because of its high level of specialization, Stork Thermeq can offer turnkey based solutions. Engineering, work preparation and production go hand in hand when realizing and supplying our own products and projects for third parties. Ingenious service and maintenance concepts enable high levels of uptime of your installations in the long term.

Project based assignments

A specific (investigation) assignment is often the basis for working intensively together with you as client. For example, analyzing the energy performance of your installations. The result is a clear recommendation for upgrading, service and maintenance. In short, activities that match Stork Thermeq’s integral approach.

Sustainable energy supply

Stork Thermeq has built up a track-record of realizing sustainable energy solutions. For example, co-fuelling with biomass or producing boilers for burning wood. Multi-fuel techniques are also applied, for example a single burner for pyrolysis oils and natural gas.
Stork Thermeq responded at an early stage to new developments in energy production. In addition to fossil fuels, Stork Thermeq has directed its attention to renewables. The EES department – Energy Efficiency Solutions – has built up a considerable installed base with sustainable energy installations.”

Your benefits:

  • specialized experience and know-how of (steam) boiler installations in the energy supply business
  • a permanent advice and execution point of contact
  • one partner for engineering, the production of components and for service & maintenance
  • a large installed base for the core degasser, burner and sustainable energy installation components
  • part of the Stork Group, active globally in energy and industrial services

The collaboration within Stork Power Services

As a specialist in the field of water/steam cycles and the related processes regarding turbines, generators and gear boxes these Stork companies offer a wide range of inspection, repair, maintenance and construction services. The basis is to work together with you as a client to map the challenges and develop customized solutions. You benefit from years of experience in the development, the installation and the maintenance of business critical installations and processes.

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