Engineering Studies & Consulting

Engineering Studies & Consulting


Finding the most economical and technical solution for future investments, upgrades and retrofits isn't easy in the rapidly changing power market world. 

Stork Thermeq engineers will assist you as specialists in the more complicated water-steam systems. For instance the integration of feed water deaerators and ultra low-NOX combustion systems. The expertise gained through many years of engineering and consulting in the power industry makes Stork Thermeq the preferred partner for customers all over the world. 


The best approach for future projects concerning water-steam technology is to contact Stork Thermeq right from the beginning. For instance a brainstorming session on how to meet the changing emission legislation in your country. Different options will be diskussed, just to give you in-depth knowledge and experience on how to comply with emission regulations. This analysis of alternatives challenges Stork Thermeq engineers to simulate, design and calculate the best available practical solution.

Scope of engineering and consulting activities

The engineering scope includes components, systems and consultancy in the following areas:

  • Heat transfer, hydrodynamics, steam/water
  • Defining RFQ-specifications
  • Combustion

  • Upgrading BMS-system (Burner Management System)
  • Stress calculations
  • Process control, instrumentation and simulation
  • Commissioning
  • Process optimization and system design
  • Testing and inspection
  • Boiler calculations
  • Boiler measurements
  • Exhaust gas measurements
  • Emission forecasts (based on fuel types, burner type, etc.)

Your benefits

  • Experienced specialists in complicated water-steam technology
  • One-stop-shopping concept (including manufacturing, service and MRO)
  • Convenience: single point of contact for all services and products involved
  • State-of-art knowledge in renewable energy production
  • Specialized hardware and software solutions for (CFD) analysis
  • Worldwide challenging reference projects


Some examples:

  • Feasibility study
  • Simulation of combustion systems (by CFD)
  • CFD-burner simulation
  • Design study BMS (Burner Management System)
  • Basic Engineering Report – including drawings
  • Detail Engineering Report – including drawings
  • Boiler Design Study Report
  • Burner Design Study Report
  • Deaerator Design Study Report
  • Emissions Reports
  • BMS-upgrades (Burner Management System)