History Stork Thermeq

History Stork Thermeq

Stork Ketels and the history of Stork Thermeq

Some historical milestones of the Stork company and Stork Ketels

The roots of the Stork company date back to 1827. The Dutch Equipment and Rolling Stock Factory in Hengelo was engaged in a number of activities. The Gebroeders Stork & Co enterprise, active in the development and production of boilers and engines, was founded in 1868. Almost a century later – in 1954– the Dutch Equipment and Rolling Stock Factory and Gebroeders Stork & Co. merged.

Stork Ketels

Stork Ketels (‘Dutch for boilers’) became an independent division of the Stork company. The activities were geared specifically to the production of boiler systems for energy production. The Stork Ketels brand was a global leading manufacturer (OEM) of boiler systems as well as burners. The extensive reference list indicates the dominant market position Stork Ketels has acquired in power plants as well as in industrial power plants. Currently Stork Thermeq also provides services and maintenance to a variety of previous Stork Ketels customers.

Stork Ketels was divided in 1997 into three independent sections:

  • Stork Energy – a boiler manufacturer (OEM)
  • Stork Energy Services – services within energy technology
  • Stork Thermeq – a manufacturer (OEM) of deaerators, burners and boiler pressure parts.

The Stork Energy and Stork Energy Services business units were divested in 2001. The current Stork Thermeq also started then – in addition to manufacturing – as an independent service provider with service and maintenance concepts for the energy market.

Stork acquired five German service companies in 2007, operating in the maintenance and overhaul of turbines and generators. These companies – which operate under the name Turbo Service GmbH – have positioned Stork further on both the German market and the international supply market regarding the energy sector. As of 2008 all of the Stork companies were working closely together as Stork Power Services. Namely

  • Stork Thermeq
  • Stork Turbo Service
  • Stork Turbo Blading
  • Stork Gears & Services
  • Stork Trading

Stork Technical Services was established in 2010. That year, all Stork companies with activities in the industrial and power sector became part of Stork Technical Services.

Currently, the company operates under its original name Stork. You will find extensive information about the company activities here

Stork Thermeq is currently operating specifically with five Product Lines:

  • Deaerators
  • Burners and Retrofits
  • Boiler Services
  • Energy Efficiency Solutions
  • Non Destructive Testing


From Gebroeders Stork & Co –> Stork Ketels –> Stork Thermeq:

Year Status

Earliest start-up activities in the Stork-history known as Fabriek van Werktuigen en Spoorweg Materieel


Gebroeders Stork & Co was founded in Hengelo (NL)


Merging Gebroeders Stork & Co and Fabriek van Werktuigen en Spoorwegmaterieel (Stork Werkspoor)


Stork Ketels (Stork Boilers) started as independent boiler manufacturer within the Stork Group of Companies


Split-up Stork Ketels and the launch of Stork Thermeq als OEM for deaerators, burners and boiler pressure parts


The divisions Stork Energy and Stork Energy Services were sold


Stork Thermeq starts in service, maintenance and overhauls in the worldwide power sector


Acquisition of Stork Turbo Service GmbH


Forming of Stork Power Services, the full range service provider in the international power market


 Stork Technical Services was founded; all Stork-companies integrated into ‘One Stork’

Recent Years

Common market approach Stork-companies in the power sector, for instance joint-participation Power Gen exhibitions worldwide


January: Stork Thermeq moves from the town center of Hengelo (NL) towards the new facilities at the canal location (‘Twentekanaal’)


June 12: Opening new Stork Thermeq premises