Integral Approach

It is the objective of Stork Thermeq to supply products and services that meet the requirements agreed upon with the client and that meet all applicable statutory regulations. Stork Thermeq wishes to achieve this goal through constant improvements to the production process, in the safest possible manner and without wasting human efforts, financial means or raw materials.

Integral quality, therefore, includes the areas of quality, safety, health, welfare and the environment, which is laid down in the company’s Statement of Policy.

Mission statement of Stork Thermeq

Stork Thermeq has laid down its goals for the long term in a mission statement:
“Stork Thermeq wants to be experienced by its clients as the best partner for designing to order, manufacturing, installing, maintaining, inspecting and commissioning of boiler systems, deaeration equipment and burner systems.

Focussing on speed and flexibility, Stork Thermeq is leading in the supply and assembly on site of high quality components for the generation of electricity, waste incineration and the process industry. The core values for the continuity are: enduring customer relationships, motivated employees, quality, safety, financial stability.”

Stork Thermeq wants to achieve these goals by:

  • complying with the requirements and needs of the customers;
  • supplying products and services at a high quality level by following various guidelines and
  • quality standards
  • focusing on the core competencies of its organization for its products and services;
  • continuous improvement of the price/quality ratio;
  • providing a motivating and inspiring working climate for its employees, in which individual responsibility, result-oriented initiative and teamwork are the core words;
  • supplying partnerships with other Stork companies in the way it does for customers.

Stork Thermeq Guidelines and Quality Standards

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 3834-2
  • ISO 17020
  • Safety Certificate for Contractors (VCA Petrochemical)
  • Pressure Equipment Directive
  • Construction Products Regulation
  • ASME U-, S- and R-stamp
  • SCIOS Scope 3&5
  • Lloyd’s and/or DNV Rules for Ships
  • Various construction codes such as, but not limited to): EN 12952, EN 13445, EN 13480, EN 1090, ASME, AD 2000, TRD, PD5500, Dutch Rules for Pressure Vessels, GOST and IBR

Maintaining the HSEQ-performance is an essential part of the Stork Thermeq company policy. REACH Beyond Zero is used as a communication tool and key-driver for the engagement and participation of all employees. For this purpose REACH is practiced for benchmarking the HSEQ-performance within different Product Lines. In this way REACH is a management tool for continuous analysis and improvement.

This strategic focus on HSEQ is also customer driven. HSEQ and especially safety are key issues in asset management. Stork Thermeq has implemented REACH to exceed customer expectations concerning HSEQ-performance on their assets.

Download here the policy statement in English

Download here the policy statement in Dutch