Westinghouse W501 Fiat TG50

Westinghouse W501 Fiat TG50

Westinghouse W501 / Fiat

Model Series

  • W501 A
  • W501 AA
  • Equivalent to FIAT TG 50
  • W501 B
  • W501 B1
  • W501 B2
  • W501 D
  • W501 D4
  • W501 D5

We supply you

Part / Section Materials  Notes / Additionals
Compressor Rotor Blades AISI403 Coating to customer preference
Rotor Hardware (Pins/Springs)
Compressor Diaphragms (W501D5) AISI403  


Do you require auxillaries, control systems, field services, consumables, diagnostic services, rotor balancings etc.? Through our broad network and long term presence in the turbomachinery market, we are able to provide full serivce solutions. 
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