Bohler and Stork develop ‘Global Logistic Concept’

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Bohler and Stork develop 'Global Logistic Concept'

"Have the material available at the right moment and place"

Gerard Klaassens, General Manager Bohler-Uddeholm B.V., The Netherlands

Böhler Edelstahl, part of the Voestalpine group, is world leader when it comes to high alloyed steels. We produce and develop with the most modern equipment already more than 55 years special steel and are active in the following industrial segments: Tooling and Moulding - Machine building - Aircraft and Automotive –Oil, Gas & Chemical – Power Energy. Böhler possesses the allowances and certificates for all those segments.

Böhler and Stork Turbo blading, business partners for many years, decided in 2011 to develop a global logistic concept. The scope of the project was to decrease stocks and have the material available at the right moment and place. This has been realized in the past 4 years. This intensive international cooperation, with involvement of several cultures, lead to a unique partnership, with the focus on a continuously optimisation.

In the beginning of 2015 the contract between partners has been extended for another 3 years.

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