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Selecting the right material is detrimental to proper form, fit and function of any component. However, the material selection process for Turbo Machinery in particular is extremely important due to the operating conditions it has to withstand. For example in- and outlet temperatures, compression rates, internal heat inside of the turbine and so on. Positive Material Identification is one of the tools used to give an extra level of certainty when it comes to reverse engineering and proper material selection. 

Selecting Turbine Materials

Turbine materials are often required to have very specific mechanical properties, such as a high tensile strength while retaining resistance to creep under higher temperatures. Because of these specific properties, it is important to make a selection for a suitable material when looking for spares, or otherwise replacing components. 

Click here for an extensive list of different alloys and materials suitable for turbo machinery.

X-Ray Diffraction

Several methods are suitable to indentify the chemical composition of metals. One of the more promonent methods is Positive Material Identification by X-Ray (Röngen) diffraction. In short, the material reflects the x-rays in a different angle based on the chemical composition, and thus the angle of refraction tells you something about the chemical composition of the metal. This feat is used to identify materials and in combination with several other tests, including but not limited to Ultrasonic testing, Yield and Ultimate Tensile Strength, Hardness & Impact tests, and so on, provides information to accurately asses a component's material. This then sets the basis for material selection when it comes to reverse engineering.


X-Ray diffraction as shown on a crystalline lattice


3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering

Once a material has been selected based on our experience and customer desires, the reverse engineering can begin. Stork Turbo Blading specializes in quickly recreating the 3D CAD model and manufacturing of the designated material. We are able to completely reverse engineer a row of blades in only three days, and supply them in as little as two weeks depending on geometry and amount of blades / vanes.

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