Stork invests in CNC Polishing

Stork invests in CNC Polishing

STORK invests in CNC Grinding and Polising

In recent years we have both observed and got request from OEM's to CNC polish compressor blades and vanes to optimize flow efficiency and minimize differences due to tolerances in blade geometry, which is essential to the balancing of the compressor rotor and the fit of the stator parts. In order to keep up with the demand of this for the latest F-Class & H-Class Gas Turbine Compressors, Stork has invested in a new 6-axis CNC Grinding and Polishing machine specifically made for the purpose of CNC Grinding.

The company IMM Machinenbau GMBH from Germany has designed and delivered this machine in close cooperation with us, to ensure that it is completely optimized for turbine blades and other turbomachinery components. This investment allows us to supply both the OEM and the End User with the highest quality blades possible to optimize their asset performance. 

This CNC-Machine allows us to automatically polish all rows of the Gas Turbine Compressor, as well as most rows of Steam Turbine Blades. As such this allows us to increase our annual production output and speed up the manufacturing process of these blades, to ensure your turbine is up to speed in no-time.

Manufacturer Type X-Y-Z Travel (mm)
IMM Machinenbau GMBH SPE 2300x1900x3400

"6 Interpolating CNC high-performance axis plus a floating individually programmable pressure control, ensure perpendicular positioning of the contact wheel to any blade surface."

"Wet belt grinding and polishing of blades in chromium-nickel steel, titanium, nickel based alloys, titanium based alloys and non-ferrous metals."

"Forged, milled, super plastic formed and cast blades for the energy and aerospace industries."

Customer Benefits

  • Constant Quality.
  • Impeccable Surface Quality.
  • Highly Repeatable and Reproducible Process.
  • Grinding of Leading and Trailing edges in Radial or Longitudinal Direction.
  • Proven Technology at OEM's Worldwide.

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