Stork Joins the Innovation Cluster Drachten

Stork Joins the Innovation Cluster Drachten

STORK Joins the Innovation Cluster Drachten.

The Innovation Cluster Drachten (ICD) is an international ecosystem of eighteen (18) high tech companies & institutions, with innovation as its primary goal. The cluster is based in the Netherlands but oriented globally, and has its eyes set on “The Big Five of High Tech”. The ING Bank described the Innovation Cluster as “One of the Pearls of the Industry in the Netherlands.” Stork is proud to join this cluster and participate to innovate and share knowledge. Stork is able to contribute to this cluster with its vast knowledge of and experience with high-precision manufacturing, LEAN production methodology and Reverse Engineering capabilities.

Sybren Reinsma, Site Manager of Stork Turbo Blading in The Netherlands, had the following to say about joining the ICD: “We are able to do a lot of things on our own, but we are aware that we don’t know everything there is to know. This is why we are so enthusiastic to join the innovation Cluster Drachten. 3D Printing, Robotics, and acquiring skilled employees are very important topics to us. That is exactly why we are glad to join the High Tech Cluster. As far as I’m concerned it really was a no-brainer to join.”

The Big Five of High Tech:

  1. 3D Metal Printing.
  2. Remote Sensoring & Big Data.
  3. Robotics.
  4. Visual Intelligence.
  5. All Electric Propulsion.

The primary interests for Stork Turbo Blading are the 3D Printing of metals for turbo machinery components, and utilizing robotics in our production methods. As we see the industry shift from conventional CNC-manufacturing to additive production methods, Stork strives to be ahead of the curve and the competition when it comes to Turbo Machinery. We expect that in the future, more and more (turbine) components will be manufactured via 3D Printing, and in fact we see that many different OEM companies are already experimenting with these manufacturing techniques. For the entirety of Stork we are also interested in the other fields, as we are certain that the aforementioned fields can be applied whether it comes to Turbo Machinery, Power Services, Electrical Services, or any other area that Stork operates in worldwide.

In the upcoming year Stork will dedicate its employees and resources to research & development to the ICD, in order to remain the single largest independent turbine blade supplier in the world and to keep supplying both OEM’s and asset owners. Stork is actively developing and keeping track of the latest material upgrades, design innovations and manufacturing methods.

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