Stork Turbo Blading launches specialized team for 3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering

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Stork Turbo Blading launches specialized team for 3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering

Bundle expertise and focus

Stork Turbo Blading has decided to bundle the expertise in the area of 3D scanning & reverse engineering in a specialized business unit. This unit will fully focus on assisting customers to convert existing machine parts to a ready-to-use digital 3D model.

Trend in manufacturing

With the birth of this new unit, Stork responds to the rapidly growing need for digital (3D-)information in the world of manufacturing. 3D Models are widely used for CNC coding to control production machinery. In addition to this, 3D information enables organizations to digitally simulate and analyze the product behavior, minimizing cost for expensive prototyping. Modern CAD technology facilitates analysis and simulation in the areas of motion, strength and thermodynamics.

While most new machinery is nowadays designed with these state-of-the-art CAD systems, the vast majority of design information of existing machines is still only available in 2D systems or old drawings.

The conversion of an existing machine part to a digital 3D model makes it possible to use state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology on parts that were designed and manufactured in the ‘old-fashioned’ way.

An additional advantage of the availability of the digital 3D information is the option to compare the ‘as-built’ component with the current 3D models, enabling design optimization. 

Not just turbine blades

As most of our current customers know, we’ve been 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering for well over 5 years now. Obviously we have been mainly focused on the reverse engineering of turbine parts, mainly blades, to facilitate and optimize our own production processes.

As from now, the specialized team will assist any customer with existing machine parts that need conversion to digital 3D information.

Curious to try?

Want to know more about our scanning services? Please click here to provide us with the necessary information about your components and request a quote for our 3D scanning services.

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