Stork Spotlight - The GE 7FA+E

Stork Spotlight - The GE 7FA+E

STORK SPOTLIGHT – Development of the 7FA+E Gas Turbine 

Stork is actively tracking, developing and expanding the portfolio of the latest iterations of F-Class Gas Turbines, and are already supplying these  blades & vanes to several customers worldwide. In this spotlight we would like to focus on the General Electric Frame 7 FA+E gas turbine, as we are actively tracking and Reverse Engineering the various design iterations for this specific compressor and turbine. For example, we have been keeping track of the various design modifications for the Frame 7F ranging from the 150 MW 7F to the 171 MW 7FA+E.

The F-Class Fleet

The GE F-Class is currently the largest F-Class Technology Fleet, with the highest level of experience in the field and the most reliable output of all installed fleets. This includes the Frame 6FA, the Frame 7FA & 7FB, and the Frame 9FA & 9FB. The reliability comes from the upgraded designs which, to this day, are still being developed and implemented by the OEM. From P-Cut designs roots, to squealer tips, and from stainless steel carrier segments to applications of coatings. Although some designs are shortlived, others increase the longevity of the compressor significantly. One familiar design change in comparison to the E-class that any asset owner will immediately recognize is the mechanically connected shroud and cantilevered design for the back end of the compressor, which is included in Stork’s comprehensive stock program for compressor blades.

Stork's capabilities

Stork has supplied both the E- & F-Class for the Frame 7 and 9 turbines since 2001 and 2002 respectively, and we have followed the upgrades as implemented by the OEM closely. To this day we continue to focus on developing our capabilites for the F-Class technology, as we move into the F- & H-Class era of fleet technology. 

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