TECHNICS4U - Stork Organizes Technical Career Day

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TECHNICS4U - STORK Organizes Technical Career Day

Stork organized a technical career day for Middle- & High-school children, in order to get the next generation enthusiastic for a career in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). Stork places great emphasis on training young professionals and on educating higher vocational students to have a connection to all different industries that Stork and Fluor operate in. Our employees were thrilled to guide possible future engineers, mathematicians and scientists through our facility in Sneek, The Netherlands. 

Before the tour started, the youngsters were briefed on safety and the way safety influences us all to do our jobs in a safe manner every day. This emphasis on safety, perhaps more so than usual, is of great importance to us. Especially during a visit like this precautions were taken to ensure that everyone had a great time. Our employees did a fantastic job making sure that there were no concerns for safety, by setting up a route throughout the shop through which the children were led. The younger audience was accompanied by their parents, who were also instructed accordingly. 

After the briefing, our machine operators explained all the work that we do on a daily basis, from sawing raw material, to machining the material into its raw shape, to milling the turbine & compressor blades. This is also where the tour started. There was a detour through engineering, to show how our Reverse Engineering process works and how we are able to quickly produce models and drawings to get ready to manufacture as soon as those are ready.

The next department they visited was our quality department, where they were instructed on how complex geometry is measured by means of CMM. In here they also got a chance to see our 3D Scanning department in action, as they had prepared some demonstrations to highlight the possibilities for 3D Scanning and how this was implemented in our Reverse Engineering process. They were also instructed on our Non-Destructive Test Methods such as Magnetic Particle Inspection & Penetrant Testing methods. 

The next stop on the list was our Tool-Shop, where all of our tooling is preset and new tools are made for manufacturing. Here the children had the opportunity to write down their names, and one of our employees would engrave these names in pre-made custom keychains as personalized giveaways. As far as gifts go, the children most definitely loved this and it seemed to really make them more enthusiastic about technology and the possibilities.

At the end of the tour we went through our machine shop and logistics warehouse, where a special treat awaited them. It was in here that they found a "poffertjes" stand. (poffertjes are small pancakes). Needless to say this was well received with both children and adults. Below you'll find a picture of the stand.

We at Stork would like to thank Technics4U for coordinating the event, as well as all the participating schools, parents and children, for the wonderful day and allowing us to educate the next generation of kids in the STEM Fields.

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