TU Delft’s Solar Boat Goals in 2017 & 2018

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Stork assists TU Delft's Solar Boat Team in breaking a world record.

This year the TU Delft's Solar Boat team is going to take on a huge challenge. Not only are they going to participate in the "regular" challenges that are set out such as the ones in Monaco and in The Netherlands, but this year they will cross the English Channel in a record breaking time. At least, that is their goal for this year.


"We believe that Solar Energy is key for the future due to her simplicity and applicability. To put this renewable energy source on the map, our team of 28 students from the TU Delft design and manufacture a Solar Boat on carrier wings. This year the focus will primarily lie on seaworthiness, maneuverability and stability. We will not only participate in the Monaco Solar Boat Challenge or the Dutch Solar Challenge, but we are also going to cross the Channel in a Guinness World Record."

Stork was asked once again to manufacture the Solar Boat Wings that will help them to cross The Channel. We are proud to be able to help the TU Delft's team to obtain this World Record.

Read all about the Solar Boat team on their website TU Delft's Solar Boat Team

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