Increase your turbo machinery uptime

Increase your turbo machinery uptime



After an inspection, it appears that something needs to be replaced, but the original equipment manufacturer no longer exists. Perhaps the delivery times are long and standard solutions are costly. You might also be facing the challenge of declining technical knowledge and expertise within the market. Stork understands how important these challenges are. ​

With our engineering knowledge, we deliver independent, out-of-the-box advice, flexibility and solutions based on our multi-OEM experience. We cover the complete technical spectrum: Steam turbines, turbo compressors, turbo machinery controls, pumps, blowers or auxiliary systems.

As a global center of excellence, we are your single point of contact for all of your turbo machinery needs.

BLOG: Seven risks on the turbine floor

The process of using steam turbines to generate electrical energy is complex and has many parameters. Maintaining these systems requires (extensive) knowledge and experience; not only to identify and solve failures, but also to recognize distinct details that relate to the way machines interact and influence each other. The diversity of this matter is described by Subject Matter Expert Jan Jouke Melchers who makes its knowledge available on seven aspects of maintenance. On tightening of bolts, handling of tools, the influence of renewable energy on performance and more.

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Steam turbine overhaul

Stork performed a major overhaul on a 19,9MW Siemens ​Steam Turbine, Type EK1100-.  This included the complete modification of the gearbox and hydraulic control system to electronic 
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Overhaul of a Siemens steam turbine, type EK1100

Your complete maintenance partner​

Stork offers fully integrated turbine repair solutions, including fact finding, problem solving and commissioning support. We offer independent service provider services at an original equipment manufacturer level, without extensive lead-times. Read our one-pager to see how we can help you solve your challenges.

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