Steam Turbine Services

Steam Turbine Services

Steam Turbine Services

Stork offers complete maintenance, repair and overhaul for steam turbines. With decades of experience as manufacturer of steam turbines, we possess broad expertise and experience in engineering, installing and maintaining steam turbine equipment.

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Type of Services

Steam Turbine Services include

Our Steam Turbine services cover repairs and overhauls, including the engineering and supply of spare parts and building and/or programming control systems. We also provide services between major overhauls, such as endoscopic inspections, vibration measurements and troubleshooting based on operating data from the control system.

Steam Turbine maintenance wheel

Inspection & Diagnostics

Inspection and diagnostics of your Steam Turbine gives you detailed information on when preventive maintenance is required.

Our extensive experience on inspection and diagnostics includes;

  • Endoscopic inspection
  • Vibration measurement
  • Alignment check
  • Oil analysis
  • Troubleshooting based on operating data from the control system
  • Root cause analysis

Steam Turbine Inspection & Diagnostics

Maintenance & Overhaul

Steam Turbine Maintenance and overhaul

We aim to get your steam turbine up and running in the shortest possible timeframe.

  • Bearing inspection
  • Preventive maintenance / overhaul
  • 24/7 support
  • Balancing
  • Breakdown services
  • Cold and hot commissioning
  • LTSA


We repair all Steam Turbine parts in the shortest lead time and at the highest quality standards due to our in-house reverse engineering and manufacturing capabilities

Our Steam Turbine repair services include;

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Steam turbine Repair


How we Work

Steam Turbine Overhaul

We deliver with the highest level of productivity, fastest response times and with maximum attention to HSE and Quality standards. We aim to get your Steam Turbine up and running in the shortest possible timeframe.

  • Experienced Independent Service Provider with a history in turbine manufacturing
  • Extensive in-house workshop facilities
  • In-house spare parts engineering capability
  • MRO services combined with commissioning support for a smooth overhaul process
  • Award-winning safety program

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