Centac Compressor Services

Centac Compressor Services

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Centac Compressor Services

Stork offers maintenance and overhaul on Centac Compressors. The Centac Compressor is a type of Air compressor, produced by Ingersoll Rand. As an Independent Service Provider we have decades of experience in maintenance of all kind of brands. Our Customers rely on our Centac specific knowledge and quick reaction time.

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Revision and Overhaul

Maintenance contracts to maintain your Centac compressor on a regular base and with a scope based on the customer needs.

The overhaul and revision of Centac compressors include;

  • On-site and workshop inspections
  • Replacement of parts
  • In-house parts repair
  • Rotor inspection
  • Balancing
  • Commissioning

Centac Compressor Services

Maintenance Contracts

Centac Compressor maintenance

Maintenance contracts to maintain your Centac compressor on a regular base and with a scope based on the customer needs.

Commonly maintenance work on Centac Compressors include;

  • Change out consumables like oil and air filters
  • Checking and cleaning condensate drains
  • Cleaning and renew grease on main coupling
  • Cleaning and calibration of valves
  • Oil analysis
  • Vibration analysis

Compressor Controls

In compressor efficiency and lowest energy consumption it is very important to control your compressor in the best way possible.

To get the maximum out your compressor we can offer you the compressor control system according the latest features and specified for your Centac Compressor.

  • Reliable anti surge control
  • Stable pressure, needed to operate your plant within your specifications
  • Advanced parallel valve control (controlling your inlet valve and bleed valve at the same time if needed)
  • Advanced controls for multiple compressors


Vibration measurements

Centac Vibration Measurement

Vibration measurement on your Centac compressor can help you schedule your overhauls and monitor the condition of your compressor. Critical machines are best measured at regular intervals to get useable trend information. Stork’s vibration specialists are highly skilled and experienced in all components of your installation.

Vibration measurement reveals defects in:

  • Unbalance
  • Shaft misalignment
  • Bearings
  • Rotor damage
  • Foundation

Performance test

To investigate the technical condition of your Centac compressor Stork executes a performance test which will give you a clear overview about the aero dynamical condition of your compressor.

The performance tests for Centac compressors are divided in:

  • Natural surge test
  • Low surge test
  • Measurement of resistance over the air cooler/ demister from each stage
  • Cooler performance related to inlet water temperature

Centac Performance test

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