Actuation system retrofits

Actuation System Retrofits

Modernizing obsolete hydraulic equipment forms an integral part of our turbomachinery control packages. Stork Control System Retrofits deliver greatly improved maintainability and availability with excellent dynamics and accuracy.

How we add value

  • Experienced engineers with in-depth turbo-machinery and process knowledge
  • Improved dynamics and accuracy
  • Improved availability through redundancies
  • Reduced maintenance costs by use of industry-standard components
  • Interfacing capability with today’s control systems
  • Trouble-free integration and commissioning

Our services include

Engineering-based analysis, selection, design, delivery and integration of:

  1. Electrohydraulic converters
  2. Individual valve-positioning solutions
  3. 2oo3 hydraulic failsafe voting
  4. High-pressure hydraulic systems

Commissioning and training

Interfacing between a new control system and the old equipment often requires modification of actuators and sensorics to handle the industry standard electrical signals. That’s why actuation system retrofits form an integral part of control system retrofits.

Safety, availability and performance considerations contribute to the process of selecting hydraulics modifications, and are sometimes even the sole driver.

Reaction times and synchronous positioning of valves can be greatly improved with modern PID controllers and hydraulic components.

Safety and availability are dealt with using multi-channel solutions with 2oo3 voting or individual valve positioning. Control valve / IGV actuation and machine protection systems are additionally linked hydraulically in failsafe configurations to further improve safety.

Stork is an experienced supplier of actuation system retrofits, both as an integral part of our customized control system packages or as a stand-alone service for automation companies and end-users.

Our experience covers

  • Retrofit of failsafe hydraulic 2oo3 voting with online testing capabilities to the highest safety standards
  • Electrohydraulic converters for low-cost conversion, where the control actuators do not present maintenance, accuracy or availability constraints
  • Individual valve positioning or even conversion of low-pressure hydraulic systems to high-pressure systems for improved accuracy and dynamics or to overcome maintenance issues due to obsolete equipment

Together with the customer we analyze the situation and develop the optimum, customized solution in each case.

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