Integrated control solutions

Integrated Control Solutions

Integrated Turbomachinery Control Solutions

Stork Integrated Turbomachinery Control Solutions contribute to asset operability and maintainability by:

  • Reducing the diversity and number of components
  • Putting all associated equipment on a common, transparent operator interface, control and engineering platform

 How we add value:

  • Shared resources (only one common automation processor instead of two, both of which are vital to the process) reduce the probability of failure and simplify communication
  • Avoidance of unnecessary redundancies in field signals reduces the likelihood of unplanned shutdowns
  • A common HMI with error logging, trending and first fault detection makes processes transparent to the operator, with easy troubleshooting by clearly pinpointing the root cause and source equipment
  • Common engineering platform adds to maintainability and reduces training and software costs
  • Uniform hardware selection reduces diversity and spare parts inventory
  • Common integrated documentation (P&I, electrical and wiring diagrams) simplifies maintenance

Stork provides Integrated Turbomachinery Control Solutions for:

  • Turbine generators
  • Turbine-driven compressor trains
  • Motor-driven compressor trains
  • Turbine–motor/generator compressor trains

Integrating the automation of various components of one asset can easily be carried out during retrofits, even if the equipment to be controlled is from different manufacturers.

Integration of controls for different equipment is based on our in-depth turbomachinery and process know-how. This enables us to provide integrated turbomachinery solutions wherever feasible, thereby reducing complexity in operation and maintenance.

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