Lifecycle services to keep centrifugal and axial compressors running at peak performance. 

Peak performance

Compressors are often a business-critical component of a production facility, requiring them to run at peak performance at all times. Avoiding unplanned downtime and excessive energy consumption, rank high on the wish list of most asset owners.

While being a stand-alone piece of equipment, it is typically intimately integrated with other equipment like gears, turbines, motors and valves. During maintenance, this can lead to many interfaces.  

Integrated services

We deliver brand-independent compressor services, ranging from inspection, overhaul & repair to upgrade services on all types of centrifugal and axial compressors.

We also have ample knowledge of ‘adjacent’ equipment like gears, turbines, motors, and valves. Having all these capabilities in-house reduces interfaces and allows us to cut down costs and greatly reduce turnaround schedules. 

How we make the difference!


Building on over a century of turbo machinery experience, we can provide unmatched value.

One-stop shop

Inspection, maintenance, repair, upgrades for your compressor, but also related gears, motors/turbines, valves, … all under one roof.  

Ease to work with

Single point of contact for your project.

24/7 Multidisciplinary teams of service engineers are ready to get your compressors up & running again.

Proven expertise in compressors

Client referenceSiemens SGT5-2000e Compressor Diaphragm Refurbishment
Stork reconditions the V64.3 and V94.2 diaphragm. They are an excellent example of the benefits that Stork can offer its customers.
Client referenceInjection Compressor Station - Underground Gas Storage-
Stork provided valuable input during the design phase and succeeded in aligning all construction activities at site. due to the operational constraints, construction engineering and scheduling were critical.

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