E&I Cabinets

Custom-made E&I cabinets to enable reliable process control.

Reliable safe operation

E&I cabinets are an essential part of the operation process and must have a high degree of availability. This is not only applicable for control cabinets but also for MCC’s, instrumentation cabinets and field panels. In addition, they must comply with laws and regulations in order to work safely during operation but also during maintenance activities.

Full chain services

We are ready to design, validate, build and test E&I cabinets based on your unique requirements. Before the cabinets are delivered to site, they are extensively tested for function and build quality. In this way we reduce the installation and testing time on site to a minimum.

Should you have an expansion or process control changes, then we are also ready to help cost effectively modify your existing cabinets.

How we make the difference!


Safety in design, safety at site: safety is our #1 priority.

One-stop shop

We have the qualified technicians and well-equipped workshops to execute your cabinet scopes.


We can do a full test of the required functionality using our physical or software simulation tools.

Proven expertise in control cabinets


Gasunie - E&I Control System Upgrade

Stork provided Gasunie with a complete end-to-end solution for a control system upgrade.

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