Electrical motors

Lifecycle service to keep your electrical motors running at peak performance.

Peak performance

Electrical motors are the workhorses in most facilities, keeping production going. It is essential that they are running safely, smoothly and reliably. However, they are prone to wear & tear and can spontaneously stop working. Preferably this is proactively avoided, but should it happen, then it needs to be remediated as quickly as possible, typically be switching out the motor.

Integrated servicing

We are ready to provide comprehensive servicing of e-machines of almost all sizes (up to 10 kV), all types (incl. AC/DC electrical drives and traction motors) and from almost all manufacturers.

We help determine the right inspection regime to proactively avoid failure and during revision we can efficiently handle the full scope – from dismantling, overhaul and repair right through to reinstallation and commissioning. Should acute failure happen, then we have ATEX motors in stock to get you up & running again as fast as possible.

How we make the difference!


Flexible and experienced technicians, supported by the right tools, ensure an unrivaled response time and short lead time


We can service any e-motor, regardless of type or manufacturer


We are fully ATEX certified as per IECEx-03 & NEN-EN-IEC 60079-19, and e.g. ABB certified business partner.

Own workshops

For more complex repairs we have state-of-the-art workshops to execute the work 

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