Full portfolio of services to keep extruders running at peak performance. 

Peak performance

Extruders are intensive and production-critical devices that must be reliable and run at peak performance at all times. Extruders are also subject to torsion and wear, requiring various specialties to maintain these machines. 


Integrated services

Drawing upon over 150 years of experience with heavy-duty gears, motors, valves, machining, bolting and E&I, we have developed a robust extruder maintenance offering. In the past two decades, our solutions has gained the trust of major extruder OEMs. This demonstrates that we are an industry reference in the inspection, monitoring, overhauling, repairing and upgrading of extruders.

How we make the difference!

One-stop shop

We have all the specialisms in-house to execute the required work on your extruder, and auxiliary equipment.

Highly skilled

Within each discipline, we have highly skilled technicians to execute the work. 

OEM independent

We have gained the trust of many OEMs  to maintain extruders of any brand.


Both on site and in our workshops, we uphold the highest level of safety awareness. 

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