Complete turbo- and hydro-generator services to keep them running at peak performance.

Peak performance

Generators are an essential component of the power train, requiring them to run safely, smoothly and reliably at all times. However, due to changed operation modes (increased starts and stops) and ageing, they can be damaged (e.g. winding insulation faults) or even break down (e.g. arcing faults). Preferably this is proactively avoided, but should it happen, then it needs to be repaired as quickly as possible.

While being a stand-alone piece of equipment, it is typically intimately integrated with other equipment like gears, turbines and valves. During maintenance, this can lead to many interfaces.

Integrated services

Building on more than 75 years of generator experience, you can rely on fast response times and repairs to keep your generators running. Even if your generator has completely broken down, we can re-engineer the parts and can get you up & operating as fast as possible.

We service all major manufacturers like Siemens/KWU, Alstom/GE, ABB, Ansaldo, BBC, AEG/LDW, Elin, MFO/Oerlikon, Schorch, Garbe-Lahmeyer and many others. Thanks to similar in-depth knowledge related to gears, compressors and turbines, we can provide truly integrated services.

How we make the difference!


We have been repairing generators since 1947, giving us decades of know-how on large turbogenerators and hydro generators.


Flexible and experienced technicians ensure unrivalled response time and short lead times.


As an independent service provider, we can service any generator, regardless of type or manufacturer.


We are certified to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SCCP:2011 specifications.

Proven expertise in industrial Generators

Client referenceModification of a rotor - Grosskraftwerk Mannheim AG
Stork has been charged with improving (new design), manufacturing and assembling a modified rotor winding for the spare rotor of three hydrogen-cooled BBC generators.

Location Spotlight Regensburg

Short video on the capabilities of Stork in Regensburg - Germany

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