Lifecycle services to keep pumps running at peak performance.

Peak performance

Pumps come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from centrifugal to reciprocating and rotary pumps. Whether in process or utility service, they are essential for a safe, smooth and reliable operations of a facility. Fouling, pitting, corrosion, wear and tear, vibrations and other mechanisms will greatly impact pump performance. Preferably this is pro-actively avoided, but should it happen, then it needs to be remediated as quickly as possible.

Integrated services

Based upon a 150 years old legacy within the pump industry, we can truly offer the full range of services to keep your pumps running in top condition. Irrespective of OEM, we can inspect, monitor, overhaul, repair or modify any type of pump. In case of poor performance or even failure, our highly knowledgeable specialists can help you find the root cause, recommend mitigations.

For complicated situations, we can also manufacture custom-built pumps or upgrade your existing equipment to suite your specific needs.

How we make the difference!

One-stop-shop Our integrated approach enables flexible, cost effective execution 
Maximized uptime Help avoid unplanned downtime through accurate diagnostics
Fit-for-purpose Our engineers make sure that your pumps work!
Fast response 24/7 support to keep your pumps running at peak performance
Safety Uncompromising commitment to safety by the whole team

Proven expertise in pumps

Client referencePump Station Electrification DPO
Stork, together with Fluor, provided and managed the complete process from engineering to commissioning, starting with all provisions for safe execution of the works
Client referenceDSM Coating Resins
Stork’s technicians identified the technical and operational aspects of the process and carried out a number of modifications.

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