Railway bogies

Bespoke technical services that keep your railway business moving.

Safety, efficiency & reliability

For transport companies, the safety, availability and reliability of their rolling stock is a top concern. A proper asset management of their fleet to achieve these goals, is crucial. 

Bogies are a critical component of trains and trams, hugely impacting passenger comfort, safety and cost-effective operations. To achieve this, specialized mechanical and electrical maintenance is required.. 

Maintenance expertise

As a former bogie producer, we have extensive knowledge to suit every need by providing a wide range of services from maintenance consultancy to major overhaul projects or fast repair solutions for railway bogies. 

Our experienced and qualified staff are available to provide services both in our workshops and at the location of the customer.

How we make the difference!

The way we work

Stork Railway Services is driven by a proactive approach and focuses on providing the best service to its customers.


Knowledge, experience, service and quality are applied seven days a week for maintenance and overhaul of your bogies (components).


In a dynamic market, Stork continuously searches for innovative solutions in order to fulfil the expectations of its customers.

Former bogie producer

As a former bogie producer, Stork Railway Services have extensive knowledge to suit every need.

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