Steam accumulators

Reduce fuel consumption, steam blow off and CO2 emissions in dynamic systems. Store steam for later use when demand and production do not match.

Balanced steam availability

Many processes have rapidly changing steam consumption or production profiles. Boilers balancing the steam pressure on the grid often cannot keep up with these fluctuations. This results in either steam production running above demand for prolonged times or grids not being able to absorb steam that could have displaced fossil fuel use. To keep pressure in a safe range, excess steam is blown off, and this is typically taken for granted. However, blowing off your surplus while burning fossil fuel later on to meet demand can be easily avoided using a steam accumulator. 

Enhanced performance

Stork is a renowned OEM of boilers, burners and pressure vessels. Delivering high quality is at the core of our company values. A solid and experienced team of engineers that understands your process guarantees providing the optimal solution. 

Steam accumulators are large pressurized water containers. When there is a surplus of steam, it is injected into the mass of water stored under pressure in the accumulator. When there is a demand for steam, the stored steam is released to the medium/low pressure steam grid. 

A Stork steam accumulator can accept superheated and saturated steam, as well as hot water as a heat source, and supply both when demand exceeds steam production.

Specifications of a standard accumulator

PressureUp to ± 30 Barg operating
Size (l/d)Up to ± 32 m/5 m
Response time± 2 s to start charge/discharge
Control speed± 20 s to full flow
Stored steam

± 10-15 ton steam/charge

Charge/discharge speed

± 3 Minutes/ complete charge

Design lifetime± 25 Years

Higher pressures/sizes are available on request.

The benefits of a steam accumulator

  • Reduces steam venting
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Instant access to hot water or steam
  • Reduces or even eliminates the need for surplus backup steam generation

Leaflet - steam accumulators

The push to reduce carbon emissions is ever-increasing. An often overlooked source of CO2 emissions is blown off steam. Steam accumulators store excess steam for later use, reducing fuel consumption, steam blow off and CO2 emissions.

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