Efficiency upgrades

Using less energy to achieve the same performance doesn’t only reduce operational costs, but also decreases the carbon footprint as well.

Plant evolution?

Facilities evolve over time, for example taking in alternative feedstocks, producing different products, expanding production capacity and introducing new production technologies. This is when inherently inefficiencies creep in.

These changes create challenges, but on the other hand also opportunities to use less energy for the same plant performance and thereby reduce carbon footprints (and often OPEX too!).

Less energy!

We can improve your facility efficiency by looking at both equipment and system levels. Control system optimization of rotating equipment, turbine re-blading, burner optimization, air pre-heating, deaerator retrofit and better insulation.

The opportunities to enhance efficiencies are endless and we have the depth and breadth of knowledge to identify and make them happen. 

How we make the difference!

Wide knowledge

By knowing a lot about all equipment types, we can recommend the optimal intervention.

In-depth knowledge

The fact that we routinely modify steam turbine blades or and other critical equipment parts, indicates the confidence we have in our knowledge.

One-stop shop

Especially when multiple interventions are needed, execution by one company minimizes cost and ensures minimal execution time.

Proven expertise in efficiency upgrades


Sustainable efficiency upgrades

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