Converting conventionally powered drivers and heaters to electrical power and heating can significantly reduce the carbon footprint. 


Many facilities generate lots of direct greenhouse (GHG) emissions due to gas-fired installations (furnaces, steam generation, hot oil systems, reboilers), and legacy diesel and steam drivers. Public, investor, legislative and financial pressures to reduce those scope 1 emissions, are increasing dramatically. 

Switch to electricity!

We can reduce your scope 1 emissions by helping you switch to electrical powering and heating. Examples include switching to electrical drives, e-boilers, hybrid boilers and electrical heating. An additional benefit is that electrical equipment often needs a lot less maintenance.

Apart from changing out equipment, adequate attention must be paid to upgrading the electrical systems and controls, and in this way ensure smooth and green operation. 

How we make the difference!

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Stork has both the equipment and infrastructure knowledge in-house to execute the full scope.

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Proven expertise in electrification

WebinarWebinar | Electrification
Stork's subject-matter experts will dive into the potential of electrification. They'll showcase best practices in electrification in industrial assets and share recent example cases.
Client referencePump station Elektrification - DPO
Stork, together with Fluor, provided and managed the complete process from engineering to commissioning, starting with all provisions for safe execution of the works.
Client referenceAsset Management - Peru electrical plant
Stork was responsible for initiating the operation of the plants and to do so, implemented a long term management model for the Wärtsilä plants based on three main areas.

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