Predictive maintenance

Applying predictive maintenance techniques to reduce the carbon footprint.

Avoid unplanned downtime

Apart from reducing revenues and safety issues, unplanned downtime is typically accompanied by lots of waste: massive flaring in refineries, lots of unfinished / off spec products, along with start-up inefficiencies. And if that isn't enough, unplanned downtime results in a lot of unnecessary repair work, which equals unneeded activity at site leading to unavoidable emissions. 

Data analytics

By collecting and analyzing the correct data from the equipment, we can apply the proper maintenance at the required time and thereby help avoid unplanned downtime, along with its negative consequences. We are ready to apply our structured 6-step process to put you back in control. 

How we make the difference!

Failure mechanism knowledge

We have a thorough understanding of failure mechanisms; an essential ingredient to predictive maintenance.

Big data analytics  We understand how big data analytics supports predictive maintenance.

Proven expertise in predictive maintenance

BlogPredictive maintenance in six steps
Predictive maintenance: everyone talks about it and seems to know how to do it. But what is it really? Enos Postma takes us into the world of assets, predictive maintenance, statistics and algorithms and explains how to implement predictive maintenance in six clear steps.
WebinarSmart Condition Monitoring
Predictive maintenance has made enormous progress over the last few decades thanks to emerging sensory technologies, evolving software solutions and new insights in condition monitoring and data analytics.
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Exploring the roadmap of preventive to prescriptive maintenance,  this blog presents a brief explanation of involved technologies and their potential, showing how, in Stork’s vision, collaboration between humans and machins can evolve in equal relationship to the benefit of asset owners.

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