Waste valorization

Waste streams can often be put to good use, reducing both operational costs and carbon footprint. 


As facilities are modified or expanded, waste streams have the tendency to increase over time, while regulations are ever tightening. How can emissions be reduced while also creating value out of these waste streams? Also, does your neighbour have waste streams that you can help valorize?  


We can reduce your emissions through:

  • Heat integration (making use of residual heat / cold).
  • Application of waste heat boilers (making use of remaining calorific value in waste streams).
  • And other waste upgrade techniques (waste to molecules).
We look forward to assessing your specific situation and subsequently designing, manufacturing and installing the optimal solution. 

How we make the difference!

In-depth knowledge

Building on 150+ years of heat transfer knowledge, we can recommend the optimal solution to valorize your waste.

One-stop shop

Independent of the solution, we can help from concept to valorized waste.

Proven expertise in waste valorization


Webinar | Waste Valorization

 In this webinar, Stork's subject-matter experts will unlock the potential of waste stream valorization. They'll demonstrate advanced waste valorization techniques and share recent example cases.
Client reference

Waste incineration plant - Netherlands

Stork analysed the process of the complete waste incineration plant and recommended the use of a heat exchanger fed with saturated steam to heat the flue gases. This ‘DAGAVO’ replaces the existing burner system
Client reference

Waste-Gas Fired Steam Boiler

Turn-key installation of steam boiler including Stork OEM low-NOx burners, and disassembly of old steam boiler
Client reference

Waste to energy W2E

Stork spray type deaerator design allows for transport of a single only vessel whereas other designs require two vessels to be transported and handled.

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