Cathodic protection solutions

Cathodic protection solutions

Industry-leading cathodic protection solutions matched to your specific requirements

With over 30 years’ experience and knowledge, Stork is recognized as one of the leading providers of Cathodic Protection (CP), for both offshore and onshore assets. Services include survey, design & engineering, Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems and monitoring.

With an excess of 70,000 km of subsea pipelines, and more than 1,000 offshore platforms surveyed globally, Stork has delivered industry leading reliability, ensuring survey scopes are completed effectively, collecting quality and meaningful data on the CP status of assets.

Asset and component surveys include:

  • Floating Production, Storage and Offloading units (FPSOs)
  • Subsea Jackets and Platforms / Subsea Manifolds, Wellheads and Trees
  • Pipelines, Pipeline Risers and Spools
  • Offshore Windfarm Monopiles & other renewables

Design & Engineering
With the aim of mitigation of corrosion in the marine environment, Stork’s CP Design & Engineering team can offer ‘turnkey’ or ‘built to order’ services for sacrificial or impressed current systems, based upon up-to-date knowledge and extensive experience.

Our service offering includes:

  • Initial surveys / analysis of existing CP data
  • Design & CP Modelling and Management of CP Databases
  • Supply & Installation / Commissioning & Maintenance
  • Project Management and Definition of Workscope

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems
Bespoke design and manufactured ICCP systems have been supplied for a range of applications including: offshore fixed structures, semi-submersibles, FPSOs, surface and submarine naval fleets and merchant marine shipping. Our advanced techniques and methodologies allow extremely accurate control of the CP system, reduce operating costs and protect your investment.

Techniques and methodologies include:

  • Design of the full system for the protection of the total hull and its appendages
  • Anti-fouling for tanks, caissons and other applications of sea water services
  • Propeller shaft earthing and monitoring systems

Our engineers possess the specialist knowledge, experience and training to provide customer support services worldwide including: installation of ICCP systems equipment, repairs and audits.

Stork’s Seatooth CP innovation can be fitted to subsea installations to continuously monitor the performance of a Cathodic Protection system. Contactless data retrieval by ROV means that permanent connection to the surface is not required. The system provides accurate trending information on CP system performance, including strategic information on anode consumption.

How we add value

Experience & Expertise

Track record of providing quality and meaningful data for more than 70,000 km of subsea pipelines and 1,000 offshore platforms globally.

Bespoke solutions

‘Turnkey’ or ‘built to order’ services based upon latest industry knowledge and extensive experience.


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