ICAT find and fix process

ICAT find and fix process

Significant and demonstrable results in anomaly reduction

Integrated Corrective Action Team (ICAT) is a process lead team which transparently and competently identifies, and rapidly remediates integrity anomalies before these lead to significant repair or replacement. The process involves 3 steps:  1) Assess; 2) Inspect; 3) Remediate (or repair).  Where these steps include the following:

  1. Assess:  Through multi-disciplined reconnaissance, a rapid general visual inspection and evaluation of a plant’s condition is undertaken.  All visually established threats to the integrity or reliability are rapidly recorded and documented, in a transparent, addressable and auditable way.  This will allow scale removal, close visual inspection, the appropriate NDT, surface preparation, local coating, possible remediation and repair scopes to be accurately defined and work-packed.  This will then allow the appropriate ICAT team members to be selected, equipment and materials sourced to determine the integrity of the plant and, on a priority basis, arrest it further degradation;
  2. Inspect:  Following approval, the deployment of the appropriate, fully informed ICAT team to reveal the condition of and thoroughly inspect the plant using the identified techniques and to a justified budget.
  3. Remediate (repair): Following approval, deploy the appropriate, correctly informed ICAT team to remediate, arrest and repair (if required) the plant using the pre-identified methods and technologies, and to the justified budget.


Core to the ICAT process is the Multi skilled Team which at its core is 3 team members that designed to do the work that is normally done by 6 thereby saving on critical bed space. The core ICAT Team consists of one ICAT Team Lead and two FM Maintenance Engineers with Plant Inspector, rope access and NDT Competence assured to Stork’s Minimum Standards. Stork have implemented a framework so only people with ICAT experience will be provided to any client.


The Process has been honed from the practical experience which is supported by a Quality Management Framework. The clear intent is designed so the Team will leave the area in a better way than they found it leaving no surprises which is an effective means to combat the exponential activity (raising of additional work orders etc.) which negatively contributes to the control of backlog.


Stork’s ICAT Team have been developed over a number of years within a Assess, Inspect and Repair Contract. Through experience the product deliverable has been continuously improved so it is as effective and efficient as possible. Stork have spent considerable time to take this product so that it can be implemented seamlessly with minimal disruption to core operations with the right competent people with considerable implementation experience. Stork believe the best way to demonstrate the effectiveness of ICATs is to deliver a work scope of anomaly reduction through an area selection Pilot study of circa 3 weeks. Through effective demonstration we believe this will help clients to envisage how ICATs can deliver on longer term Strategies of Integrity Management.

Critical Success factors

In order to ensure ICATs can be implemented seamlessly on a client’s asset a one off document review is required to the following to ensure all available efficiencies can be delivered;

  • Live Line Blasting Procedure
  • Anomaly Criteria
  • FM Procedure
  • Permit Procedure
  • Material Specifications

Benefits to the client

  • Quick remedials, avoiding re-inspection, and actual arresting of issues.
  • Can implement a consistent team across asset/multiple assets.
  • Rope access capability reduces downtime and increases efficiency.
  • Full visibility - transparancy reporting: daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Greater confidence in asset condition
  • Competence and Experience Assured team
  • Rapid survey and visibility of true asset condition

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