Inspection Solutions

Certification and quality

Asset Integrity Management is widely used by Stork. We strive to ensure that companies in the Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Energy and other industries can perform and produce uninterrupted. We supply ready-to-use, proven effective inspection methods. But it doesn’t stop there. With our knowledge, expertise and experience we can collaborate with you to improve asset integrity.

Tailor-made solutions
We offer our clients tailor-made support to achieve their objectives. Our workshop and processes are designed to be the most efficient and cost-effective solutions. Our processes are designed to optimize project work and periodic inspection.

Modern workshop
Our workshop is equipped with the latest equipment: advanced penetrant system, magnetic particle bench unit and one of the largest radiography bunkers in the Benelux. We can accommodate just about every size. Even for complex structures we have a solution.

Level 3 specialists
Because Stork follows new developments in the field of NDT closely, there are often other solutions and inspection techniques that the customer may be unaware of. Our level 3 NDT inspectors are on hand to advise you about the possibilities.

Certification and Quality
Stork is certified by ISO 17020 (RVA) and Certification Company Hobéon SKO ISO 17024: 2003. Our people are certified by ISO 9712 (EN473) and ASNT SNT-TC 1A

Our NDT specialists are certified in the following techniques:

  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Radiographic examination
  • Penetrant testing
  • Magnetic particle testing
  • Visual inspection

REACH Beyond Zero
Safety and innovation are the basis of the service package of Stork. With our global REACH Beyond Zero HSEQ  program we offer our customers excellent world-class safety performance. REACH Beyond Zero is Stork's platform on which we build and communicate our HSEQ culture. It helps us to measure our performance and improve safety at all levels within the organization. Please visit to learn more about how REACH Beyond Zero works in practice.

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