Composite Repair

Composite Repair

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Composite repair solutions for efficient, cost-effective repairs to piping and infrastructure components.

Today, aging asset infrastructure requires expensive maintenance and repair. Pipe corrosion in particular is a big industry challenge.

Stork’s wide range of composite repair solutions provide leak repair, pipe encapsulation, and the containment and reinforcement of both flat, irregular, and complex curved surfaces. With exceptional adhesion properties, they are proven in extreme climates and harsh chemical environments.

Composite wrap is more than just a high-tech product, it is a complete pipe repair and structural reinforcement solution. A wide range of products specifically designed to support and facilitate asset life-extension programs with flexible, efficient and cost-effective repairs to piping and infrastructure components. The technologies we can draw on include Stork AquaWrap and Stork PowerSleeve, and these can also be used to restore structures and vessels from internal and external wall loss.

Stork’s composite wrap range not only has significant cost savings for clients but it also has the widest range of selection of products on the market. Stork can offer a one-stop-shop approach to bespoke pipe repair solutions, eliminating the need for multiple contractors.

Our range of solutions includes:

  • Stork AquaWrap - a high-strength composite system used to halt and encapsulate external corrosion and restore structural integrity in wet or underwater conditions
  • Stork PowerSleeve - a field-applied composite system that consists of fiberglass fabric and high-performance epoxy, which results in a powerful piping reinforcement product 
  • Stork Pipe Repair - a full range of pipe repair techniques, including topside, splashzone and subsea, using standard and custom-made components
  • Stork Splashzone Repair - In the splashzone area, Stork effects structural and leak repairs to encapsulate external corrosion utilizing Aquawrap and Powersleeve respectively, as well as providing a flexible, corrosion resistant, Kevlar reinforced coating using Bio-Tuff.
  • Stork Subsea Repair - Similar to the splashzone area, Stork delivers effective subsea structural and leak repairs to restore structural integrity utilizing Aquawrap and Powersleeve, which are used in conjunction with a range of additional Composte Repair products.

How we add value

Asset Life Extension

Solutions designed specifically to support asset life-extension programs

Short Lead Times

Custom pipe repair solutions available within short lead times

Efficient & Effective

Field-applied composite repair and reinforcement systems for fast, effective solutions

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