Pipe repair

Pipe repair

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Full range of pipe repair techniques using standard and custom-made components

Stork offers a full range of pipe repair techniques, including fabricating, supplying and installing under pressure tees, pipe repair clamps, flange adaptors, universal coupling and studded flange converters to your specification. The range consists of stainless steel pipe repair clamps and bossed pipe service saddles.

Stainless steel pipe repair clamps

  • For use on ductile iron, cast iron, PVC, asbestos cement, steel, GRP and HDPE pipes
  • Can be used up to 16 bar on water pipes and 2 bar on gas compressed air pipes
  • Diameters from ½” to 2 meters
  • 316 Stainless Steel available on request
  • Silicone and Viton for high temperatures

Bossed pipe service saddles

  • Female or male threaded outlets; we stock popular sizes and can also manufacture to your specific requirements
  • Heavy-gauge stainless steel vulcanized into the gasket at the time of molding to ensure that it: fits permanently, fits perfectly and provides a smooth transition from gasket to metal

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