In-House UK Furnace Operations

In-House UK Furnace Operations


Accessible to all industries and organisations in the North-West of England, UK.

We are innovators in thermal technology with world-renowned services and products. This is why we have engineered, manufactured and will now operate our own in-house Cooperheat furnace, directly from our long-established facilities in Southport, UK. Our clients have been commissioning Cooperheat furnaces for decades – so now we have created one for our very own facilities.

Our in-house furnace is accessible to all industries and organisations in the North-West of England, UK.  Being in close proximity to our clients, means that we can ensure a 24-hour project turnaround service.  The inside working dimensions of the furnace are 7.4m (length) x 3.3m (width) x 2.25m (height), allowing for a range of materials to be heat treated, for multiple projects all at the same time.  This cost effective solution allows organisations to heat-treat their materials without having to make a long-term financial commitment. 


Why choose our in-house service?

•    State-of-the-art Cooperheat furnace
•    Boasts our newly launched 2nd generation Cooper8 technology, allowing the furnace to be remotely monitored and controlled
•    Large inside working furnace dimensions: 7.4m (length) x 3.3m (width) x 2.25m (height)
•    Accessible to all industries within the local area
•    A range of materials can be heat-treated at once, for multiple projects
•    24-hour project turnaround service
•    Competitive pricing
•    Negates the need for long-term financial commitment
•    Solution provided by the trusted ‘Home of Heat Treatment’; a world-class provider of thermal technologies.

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