Prefabricated piping, modules & skids

Prefabricated piping, modules & skids

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Stork is your prefabrication partner for greenfield installations and brownfield modifications. We support EPC contractors in new build projects, but also owners and operators in brownfield modifications to their existing installations. We combine prefabrication, detail engineering and extra services into complete solutions for both onshore and offshore installations in the chemical, power, oil & gas and other markets.

Besides the specialized prefabrication of piping, we integrate multiple disciplines into  the construction of modules and skids. A modular approach using prefabrication ultimately leads to better quality and faster completion times of your projects.

Explore the additional benefits of our multi-disciplinary approach, including:

  • Cost-savings - prefabrication leads to faster build times and to less labor and material costs. Off-site construction does not interrupt or shut-down pre-existing operations.Prefabricated piping, modules & skids
  • Increased safety - prefabrication occurs in ideal shop conditions. Products undergo complete testing prior to installation. Safety risks are reduced for plant personnel due to fewer on-site hours.
  • Improved project quality - our efficient in-shop line fabrication results in better control and higher quality.
  • Complete traceability - our Business Process Management software (PRINCE) gives a real-time project progress at any time and guarantees full traceability of both prefabrication and installation on-site.
  • Reduced and predictable build times - Prefabrication occurs in parallel with civil and facilities work on-site. Weather delays and interference through bad access are eliminated by perfect in-shop conditions.
  • One interface for prefabrication and installation - we can act as the complete solution provider from prefabrication to installation on-site, offering you flawless installation by a single source.

Download our product sheet (see downloads) to get a taste of our prefabrication capabilities. You can also download client references (see references) for examples of what we have accomplished at distinguished clients all over the world.

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