Plastic Piping

Plastic Piping

Specialist in plastic piping - continuity, quality and security of supply

Stork specializes in the application of high quality plastic piping in chemical and petrochemical industry, where it contributes to the continuity, quality and security of supply of your production facilities. We have the expert knowledge of installation and maintenance for all your plastic piping needs.

How we add value:

  • Safety and quality are our primary focus
  • Employees certified for practically any application of plastic piping
  • Complete package of installation and maintenance
  • Our inspections lead to effective reparation plans
  • Short response time and a flexible organization
  • We deliver engineering and application in one offer
  • Broad service portfolio allows for an integrated approach

Specialist knowledge of installation and maintenance
Stork can realize the installation of your new build plastic or composite piping and can also advise you in optimizing the use of existing piping. Our qualified employees are certified for practically any application of plasticss and apply their knowledge and experience in the installation or maintenance of applications to your advantage.

Our service offering includes:

  • Engineering and installation of new build applications
  • Maintenance and optimisation of existing piping
  • Inspection of plastic tanks
  • Offshore application
  • Consulting and engineering on specific applications with respect to product specifications
  • Repair of plastic parts and equipment

Thinking & Doing
Stork’s “Thinking and Doing” approach allows effective application of plastic piping. Stork’s engineers are directly in touch with the executing professionals and can apply their practical experience into sound and realistic proposals. If exact specifications are not available, Stork will find the material best suited for your application. We work with new products and application to create tailor-made solutions together with our clients.  Stork is up to speed with all new developments in the plastic and composite market and can therefore offer more quality improvement or higher benefit  than clients can imagine.

Stork’s proposal is clear: We help you realize your ambitions.

Stork professionals are qualified with TÜV certifications
Stork has a dedicated training program that allow us to guarantee that our employees’ knowledge is up to date to work with the main plastics used in chemical- and petrochemical- industry. Stork professionals are qualified with the following TÜV certifications:

PVDF-GVK GVK-VOL Element-welds (Polyfusion, butt welds, electrofusion) Epoxy’s (Future pipe, Bondstrand)

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