Pump Services

Pump Services

Custom-engineered pumps, including service, upgrades, overhauls and spare parts

Pumps are an essential element of your production process. A faulty pump will often lead to a reduction in production capacity or even production downtime. Stork has a rich, 150-year history as an OEM of pumps. We provide custom-engineered pump solutions for virtually any application or market, including service, upgrades, overhauls and spare parts components. We make life easier for our clients by understanding hydraulics and pump operations. We offer the best-fit pump solutions focuesd on total cost of ownership. 

Machine Diagnostic Services

Thanks to Stork's Machine Diagnostic Services you can prevent production disruption due to unforeseen machine downtime. Stork also offers around-the-clock support for urgent pump problems. We supply made-to-measure solutions to meet all your needs.

Effective and regular maintenance is essential for the optimum functioning of your pumps. Preventive maintenance can help ensure that you are not faced with sudden production downtime and the related expense. We perform Machine Diagnostic Services to precisely determine the condition of your pumps.

Ensuring your pump systems operate at peak performance is part of our DNA. Our roots go back to 1868 when Stork Pumps was founded in Hengelo (Netherlands). Since then this knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation. We have distinguished ourselves as a leading pioneer in solutions to all pump issues throughout.

How we add value

Excellent Quality

Stork Pumps have excellent quality and thorough engineering design. Some of our pumping stations which were built in the 1920s and '30s are still successfully operating today.

Custom-engineered products

Our engineering departments are very experienced in designing pumps in full compliance with client specfications.

Environmentally Friendly

Our pumps are environmentally friendly as they are custom engineered on best efficiency point.

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