Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

Our Machine Diagnostic Services reduce the likelihood of pump disruptions and downtime

Serious pump issues often have severe consequences for your business. The production process sometimes has to be partly or completely shut down. Stork's Machine Diagnostic Services make it possible to schedule your maintenance more efficiently. We also perform Condition Monitoring to decrease the likelihood of disruptions and so prevent production downtime and unforeseen repairs. After all, your pump is the heart of your installation. Surely you want its service safely in the hands of a specialized partner?

The benefits of our Machine Diagnostic Services:

  • We assess the condition of your pump and take any necessary measures to reduce the risk of downtime
  • We can plan maintenance more efficiently, so ensuring that your maintenance costs are manageable
  • We can prevent production downtime
  • We can achieve an optimum service life

Stork's Machine Diagnostic Engineers (MDEs) have widespread expertise and years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering. We perform vibration measurements as part of the Condition Monitoring of your pump, E-motor or other rotating equipment in accordance with the ISO 10816 and ISO 18436 standards. In addition, our MDEs use the most advanced measuring equipment: the EMERSON CSI2140. The unprecedented diagnostic capabilities of the CSI2140 allow us to provide you with even more specific repair offers.

EMERSON CSI 2140 vibration data collector

Stork performs vibration measurements in order to collect specific data on your pump. The data is carefully analyzed by our MDEs. We will assess the condition of your pump based on the results of this analysis and present our conclusions in a compact report. If necessary, Stork can draw up a plan of action to effectively deal with any issues.

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