Full range of valve services

Full range of valve services


Valve maintenance is often a critical factor in major plant shutdowns and turnarounds, with production systems taken offline it is crucial for maintenance to be planned as efficiently as possible to reduce cost and downtime.

Stork’s Valve Diagnostics service uses an array of innovations to assess the condition of shutoff-, safety-, and control valves. This assessment identifies which valves need to be overhauled and need repair. Leading to a focusing of the maintenance budgets on the critical valves that need it.

Repair and overhaul

We can handle all required tasks in the chain: dismantling, transport, overhaul, repair and (if necessary) replacement, installation and commissioning of control valves, shut-off valves and pressure safety valves. All work is carried out by our highly trained and motivated professionals.

Project management

Working in close partnership with you, we handle project organization, and if required total project management, all without you giving up control. We have the support of an advanced project management system. Together with you we work towards optimal project management, with continuous improvement as the primary objective.

Maintenance management

Maintenance policy is important for the continuity of your production and the integrity of your plant and equipment. We have a vision of maintenance excellence plus the ability to put concepts into practice. We can support you in defining the optimal inspection frequencies (Risk Based Inspections) for your valves and fittings, and in drawing up a corrective and preventive maintenance schedule. All with the aim of working together to achieve both improvements and cost savings.

Testing & Reporting

We have our own automated (certified) test facility for valves and fittings. This allows us to test precisely whether control valves, shut-off valves and safety valves operate correctly and in accordance with OEM specifications after repair or overhaul. Test reports are available online in digital form, using your own log-in and password. We have Bureau Veritas accreditation for the testing of safety valves and fittings