Vacuum waste removal

Vacuum waste removal

Stork’s vacuum system provides a safe and effective waste transfer solution for the uplift and transportation of sand/ludge from vessels and tanks.

The vacuum system is compact, easy to operate, and powerful enough to perform effectively in industrial environments. Removing up to eight times more waste per hour than traditional methods, the system reduces physical exertion and the requirement for confined space entry. The system can vertically lift up to 23 metres, is ATEX compliant for zone 2 hazardous areas and certified to DNV 2.7 - 1.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced requirement for confined space entry
  • Minimized manual handling requirements in comparison with traditional waste removal techniques
  • Reduced occupational health hazards such as Mercury and Benzene exposure
  • Waste removal at a rate of up to 16 tons per hour

Typical applications include:

  • Vessel waste sludge removal
  • Cargo oil tank cleaning
  • Waste transfer and transportation

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