Internal Drone Inspection

Internal Drone Inspection

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A specialty: internal drone inspection

stork drone internal inspectionPerforming inspections of confined high spaces in industrial environments is considered a specialty. It is usually not easy to quickly find a leak, broken part or malfunction in order to reduce or prevent downtime. Traditional access methods, such as scaffolding, can be time consuming, costly and pose working at height risks. However, there is another solution that might do the trick at the highest quality, efficiency and safety standards: drone inspection. Drones are a smart alternative to balance today’s industrial requirements of low cost and high results.

Customized solution

At Stork, we use drones for a wide range of activities in our maintenance, modification and asset integrity offering for both onshore and offshore installations for years. Considered a standard solution in outdoor environments, drone inspection is also a good alternative for indoor inspection as well. Examples are inspections in hard to reach places like boilers, WtE (Waste-To-Energy) bunkers, chimneys and various (air)channels. Stork drones are customized to perform in these sometimes tough conditions where there is little room to maneuver, poor light to inspect and limited time to perform the inspection.

Safety and quality

Stork drones have the capability of avoiding obstacles based on Intel‘s RealSense technology that scans the environment for objects. This avoids objects automatically, so there is no chance of damaging the drone or the inspected object. Our drones are also equipped with a custom additional lighting system. As Stork makes ultra-high definition images and video footage (4K or 12K megapixels), the added lights are essential for the required quality and contrast.

3D imaging

Stork uses software from 3DFLOW, named 3DF Zephyr Pro. This program is capable to build a very detailed 3D model out of the acquired video footage or images. We are capable to build a 3D model of an inspected part within five days. The model can be used for measurements and is very useful for presenting the condition of the client’s asset and for comparison over a longer period of time. As these 3D models can be imported by CAD software, the drone’s 3D images are also suitable for reverse engineering of larger objects.


For a practicale example of internal drone inspection within a boiler system please follow this link. 
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