Safe and rapid access to hard-to-reach areas

Stork delivers a wide range of flexible and customisable netting systems to allow access to many different structural locations. Our innovative solutions offer improved safety by minimizing the risk of dropped objects, and provide cost‑effective and rapid access to hard-to-reach areas of an asset.

How we add value:

  • Specific netting solutions for a wide range of applications including construction, fabric maintenance, inspection and environmental protection/encapsulation
  • Improved safety by minimizing the risk of dropped objects
  • Cost-effective, rapid access to hard-to-reach areas
  • Removes the need for vessel standby cover, which delivers significant savings
  • Reduces structural stress and loading on deck space

Our netting systems remove the requirement for vessel standby cover once installed, which delivers significant savings. It also reduces structural stress and loading, reduction in deck space required as is manual handling compared with more conventional systems. Bed space is also maximized as the installing team can then usually carry out the scope of works.

In addition we also offer encapsulation netting which once installed can remove the need for standby cover. This netting is normally installed on the side of installations, and also has the benefit of increasing productivity as it allows 24-hour working to start.

We offer:

  • Various sizes and made-to-measure with no limit on length or width
  • Knotless nylon netting
  • Safe working load of 2.2 te.
  • Test pieces for future testing
  • Tensional using multiple ratchet straps incorporated within system
  • Each net supplied with unique ID number, test certificate and certificate of conformity