Attero Noord BV - Overhaul & Maintenance of incinerator lines


Stork was contracted by Attero Noord BV to project manage the Overhaul & Maintenance shutdown of incinerator lines at its plant in Wijster. Major maintenance on the incinerator lines is scheduled every two years and the project management scope consisted of coordinating, managing and organising all planned work and that was to be delivered. In addition, Stork was asked to coordinate the unplanned stops, as well as requests for regular work, modifications or projects. These requests can (as well) be part of the planned overhaul-& maintenance stops.


For the planned overhaul & maintenance shutdowns at the Attero plant, Stork formed a project management team of different technical disciplines. The workscope activities included:

  • Providing budget estimations
  • Project preparation on available scope
  • Provide detailed planning
  • Cost reporting, including daily processing of more-/less work
  • Total supervision of the performed work through a well-functioning project team Monitoring, supervising and reporting progress
  • Adjust and lead up the safety organization in purpose of the project
  • Execute evaluations and supplier assessments

A range of Stork disciplines were involved in the project modification:

  • Mechanical work, including plastic, valves and pumps (mechanical services)
  • Electrotechnical and instrumentation works (E&I services)
  • Boiler maintenance, overhaul and modifications (boiler services)

Result & Benefits

  • The project was delivered on time and within budget, with no safety or environmental incidents.
  • Safe and excellent working incinerator lines in the Attero Noord plant.

Customer Profile

Attero is a Dutch incinerator and energy producer that processes household, organic and mineral waste on 15 locations. Through this process they generate energy for at least 350,000 households. In the Netherlands, Attero is the largest producer of green gas, provided through the gasnet to its users. Attero also delivers biofuels for power plants. The core businesses of Attero all comes together at their plant in Wijster: waste separation, composting and waste deposit.

Region Industrial Services Continental Europe
Business lines provided Mechanical services, Electrical & Instrumentation and Power Services and Products
Contact at Stork R. Mulder


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