AVR - Steam Line & DH Exchange Station


During the processing of waste, heat is produced. AVR wanted to maximize the use of the heat by providing steam to the neighboring process installations, and district heating to large parts of Rotterdam. Therefore two projects were initiated. One to build a steam line, with condensate return line, from the incinerator plant over a pipe bridge to the neighbors. The second to erect a steam/water heat exchange station with outgoing water lines to the city for district heating.


The basic engineering was performed by client. For the steam line Stork purchased the required materials and provided all mechanical/piping and E&I works, including the required subcontracted services. For the district heating Stork also performed detail engineering and construction services for the mechanical/piping, including erection of equipment and design and construction of the pipe bridges.

Result & Benefits

The result of these projects were an increased overall energy efficiency and improved revenues of the incinerator facilities of AVR Rozenburg. The timely delivery of the district heating exchange station and pipelines was essential to meet the demand of the upcoming winter season. Both projects were completed without any LTI.

Technical Specs

Region Netherlands
Business lines involved Mechanical/piping services, E&I services, bolting/tensioning, heat treatment, detail engineering
Total turnover 10 M€
Execution period 2012-2013
Total manhours 62.000 (Stork own)
Contact at Stork Adriaan Kelly

Customer Profile

AVR, originally Afvalverwerking Rijnmond, is a waste processing company for household & industry waste and recycling. Since its privatization in the 1990’s the company has expanded to become the largest waste processor in the Netherlands, with waste and power plants in Rozenburg and Duiven and transshipment stations in The Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam. The Rozenburg plant is also a major provider of heat to the Rotterdam district heating network.


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